2019 Green Infrastructure Award Application

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Submissions for this form are closed.

May 31, 2019 11:59pm EDT Deadline for Application Submission

Projects must be completed by May 15, 2019 to be considered.

Winners Announced at NAFSMA 2019 Annual Meeting – August 20-22, 2019

(Award Applications can only be submitted electronically)

Instructions to upload a private video to Youtube.

Submission Criteria:

Submittal must be made digitally and contain each of the following:

  1. Completed application form (online).
  2. Written explanation of why the submission should be considered (please limit to 3000 words).
  3. Supporting graphics (limit is 10 items; examples: photos, diagrams, plans, charts, tables, etc.).

Please address the following points in the written explanation portion of your submission.

  • Project Description (site plan or diagram required; limit 500 words)

    • What GI/LID elements were integrated throughout the site’s design?
    • What are the local development requirements? How did the project go above and beyond the requirements?
  • Environmental Impact (limit 500 words)

    • What were the benefits?
    • What pollutants were treated?
    • What habitat was created?
  • Economic Impact (limit 400 words)

    • What constraints helped shape the project?
    • Is the project a retrofit or new development?
    • How does the project address development/redevelopment goals?
  • Outreach Efforts (limit 400 words)

    • How was the project promoted to other resource professionals and developers?
    • What creative methods were used to provide education to public audiences both short and long term?
    • How was outreach evaluated, and what audiences were most successfully reached?
    • Include copies of promotional pieces if applicable
  • Results (limit 500 words)

    • What policies were developed to encourage LID/GI and long-term operations and maintenance?
    • What integration and/or coordination with various regulatory agencies was required for the project?
    • What were the capture volume and the % above applicable development requirements?
    • What is the cost effectiveness (pollutants removed per acre)?
    • Is it an amenity?
    • How does the project demonstrate an efficient use of resources?
  • Maintenance (limit 400 words)

    • Describe: Monitoring , Upkeep, Costs and Reporting
  • Conclusion (limit 300 words)

    • What constraints or challenges were overcome?
    • How was quality of life affected positively?

Please note that all entries may be used on a DVD or video that will be widely distributed.

For questions please contact Sofia Chatos: schatos@nafsma.org or 301-404-1332